Campus fair in Japan

Many campus fair in university and college in Japan are held in October and November.
Common in campus fairs is the opening of food booths, holding stage shows by students, exhibiting of laboratories and clubs, etc. However, the contents of the show and the exhibition are depending on the school’s characteristics. That’s what is fun about it.

Tokyo Institute of Technology

It is a science and engineering university which covers information system, biosystem, society and management system.
Food booths are normal, but there are a stage show and exhibitions unique to the science and engineering university. For example science show for children, demonstration of iron making by traditional methods, etc.
There is also a strange exhibition like “catching cockroaches”.
You can meet Japanese geeks there.
event date: 2018/10/6~7

Tokyo University of Agriculture

It is a university specializing in agriculture. It was the only university in Japan until 2017.
There are exhibits of research results on agricultural technology, agricultural machinery, rice, sake etc.
The campus fair is called Harvest festival.
Honey, miso, bacon made by themselves and other unique agricultural university are on sale.
event date: 2018/11/2~4

Tokyo University of Foreign Studies

It is a leading foreign language university in Japan.
The university has departments of various languages.
There are food booths that serve dishes of various countries, for example, African, Mongolia, Polish. And plays performed in various languages.
There are many cases where exhibitions at campus fairs of other universities are only Japanese, but this campus fair should be enjoyable even if you do not understand Japanese.
event date: 2018/11/21~25

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