Misemono goya – Show tent

When walking through a venue of a festival, the voice of a woman using a loudspeaker can be heard from afar.
The voice like talking to someone. When I go to the voice, there is a tent out of a suspicious atmosphere. It is a Misemono goya. Next to the barker woman, there are creepy words such as “snake women” and “singing chopped heads” on a handwritten signboard.
She talks over the microphone to the people who came to see her as he is dragged by a voice or hesitant to enter the hut.
“Come closer, it’s very popular! The show hut where many visitors are in”
“There is a singing woman who has no body! Make sure that it is true or fake”

Misemono goya hangs a tent at the event venue such as the festival and performs a show in it.
In the past, the content of the show was close to the freak show like eating living snakes and so on. But recently such programs have been decreasing.
Although the content of the show has changed, it is part of the show, including suspicious handwritten signs, temporary tent huts, and barker’s shout.

Although the show may be like outdated, the attractive atmosphere that attracted people in times of little entertainment is now entertaining people as a place to enjoy the old atmosphere.

The group that continues the activity of Misemono goya has now become one.
I do not know how long the last group will last. If you have the opportunity, how about seeing the show, which may be the last one?

Basically, there are no seat and fee is postpaid, you can enter at any time.
When entering the tent from the entrance, the show has already begun. Since the short duration play is performed repeatedly in order, there is still no problem. When the performance that you have seen already is played again, you leave the tent.
The exit is opposite the entrance towards the stage. The spectator moves slowly from the entrance to the exit while they see the show. Mysteriously you will have moved to the exit at the end of seeing all the programs.
Pay the fee at the exit and exit the tent. Those who are still in front of the tent will decide whether to enter, looking at your expression that came out of the tent.

The actual content may differ from the example given here, depending on the time and location. You do not know until you actually go to see it.
Please note that photography is prohibited inside the tent.

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