Steamed meat bun

When winter comes, steamed meat buns are sold at convenience stores in Japan.
You can buy it for about one dollar each, it’s delicious, and I recommend it when you want to eat something warm.
There are several kinds, and although each convenience stores sell original steam meat bun, I introduce the classic ones sold at any convenience store.

Pork bun (肉まん Niku man)

Classic, popular, standard steamed meat bun.
It contains ground minced meat with thick soup.
Depending on convenience stores, they also sell slightly higher one, but it still does not cost two dollars.

Curry bun (カレーまん Curry man)

Although it may feel that it is not a standard, it is a standard in Japan where curry is very popular.
It has a minced curry flavor. Some have cheese together.
It is wrapped in a yellow bun.

Bean-paste bun (あんまん An man)

Steamed bun with sweet bean paste.

Pizza bun (ピザまん Pizza man)

Steamed meat bun with tomato sauce and cheese.
It is wrapped in an orange bun.
This is also a different kind, but in Japan, it is a classic steamed meat bun.

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