Summer food in Japan

Summer in Japan is very hot and humid.
The summer heat makes the appetite less. It is summer heat fatigue called “Natsu bate” in Japan.
The Japanese have overcome the “Natsu bate” every year considering the menu easy to eat even in summer.
If you are traveling in Japan during the summer, let’s eat the same things as Japanese and stay energetic.

Hiyashi-Chuka (Chilled Chinese noodles)

Although there is Chinese as a name, actually from Japan.
Hiyasi-Chuka is cold Chinese noodles with toppings such as cucumbers and eggs.
Easy to eat because of the acidity of the vinegar when you have no appetite.

Somen (Wheat flour noodles)

Classic Japanese cuisine in the summer.
It is cold noodles eaten after being dipped in noodle soup base.
Cold noodles are easy to pass through the throat.
There are cases where you eat only with noodles, but recently there are more restaurants that serve new styles such as those with citrus sudachi, tomatoes, and grated yam paste.
You can also buy it at a convenience store.

Kaki-goori (shaved ice )

It is Ideal for cooling hot body.
From something that only applies syrup, recently there are also gorgeous decorations.
Particularly popular shaved ice made from natural ice.
Beware of eating too much as it breaks your stomach.

Shaved ice shop – Himitsu Dou


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