Takoyaki Izakaya – Make Takoyaki yourself

Takoyaki is a very popular snack in Japan. Do you know how to make the shapes of takoyaki? People who have been to Japan might see someone making takoyaki.
It’s easier than you think. There are some bar-restaurants where you can make Takoyaki yourself.

This is Gindako that is very popular takoyaki stand. Gindako opens also some bar restaurant.

An iron plate for takoyaki.

Put octopus and dough on the iron plate.

Flipping takoyaki like the edges of the hole.
When it is cooked, follow the edge of the hole and flip it.
When the fire comes in, use tools to turn over like the edges of the hole.

It’s OK if it doesn’t become rounded.
Flip it again and again. It turns into a shape like a ball.

If you add oil and burn further, you can make takoyaki crisp.
Eat them with sauce and topping. A general topping is katsuo-bushi(dried bonito), ao-nori(green laver).

Store clerks will help you. You can make it surprisingly well, so try it out.
There should be some store clerks who can speak English.

You can eat Okonomiyaki, Monjayaki, Yakisoba here. There is also all-you-can-eat Takoyaki.

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