Shaved ice shop – Himitsu Dou

In the hot summer, you will want to eat shaved ice and cool your body. However, I want you to eat delicious shaved ice in any case. You might think that all of the shaved ice will be the same, but Himitsu Dou’s shaved ice is different. It is a shaved ice shop specializing in natural ice and handmade sauce.

The shaved ice here is very popular and you can not eat it unless you lined up in the scorching sun.
Natural ice from Nikko, a homemade sauce made from raw fruits, sharpen ice manually (not electric machine) and the shop without an air conditioner. Everything is for deliciously eating shaved ice.
Though it is huge, it is easy to complete it because of fluffy ice.

Since the menu changes every day, you do not know until I go the shop if I do not check twitter that is distributed in Japanese.
It is open even in winter and recommended in the season.

For those who want to go, here is an explanation to line up and to order the menu.

As the waiting time is very long, the shop uses a method using a numbered ticket. So you can use less time to line up in a row.
Once you go to the shop and tell the shop clerk the number of your group and get a numbered ticket. At this time, the shop clerk tells the time you can line up the line.
You go to the shop again at the time and hand over the numbered ticket to the shop clerk and line up.
While lined up, watch the menu and decide your order.
Tell the shop clerk the order, pay the fee and receive the bill. Enter the shop and pass the bill.
After receiving the numbered ticket, it is good to take a walk in the nearby shopping district until the designated time.

A menu is passed while waiting in a line. Choose a source(for example Strawberry, Melon, Mango and so on) for your shaved ice and “Nomi (only sauce)” or “Milk (with milk)” or “Yogurt (with yogurt)”.

It may be surprising, but yogurt is refreshed and fits the ice very well. If you can’t decide your order, I recommend yogurt.


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